Grateful for Family

Last night as I was watching the news I saw the most tragic story of a family whose wife and two youngest sons were killed in a car accident. Their oldest son was in the hospital recovering from burns from an accidental burning. The poor husband and father was beyond devastated. Life changes in the blink of an eye and you can suddenly be faced with the most extreme of trials and the most devastating pain.

After losing Joey (and even before) we began to realize that family was our most precious treasure. No matter what we owned or what we did or didn't have, if we had our family then we felt blessed. My heart and prayers go out to all those whose lives today will change. I often think about that--that someone is saying good-bye to a loved one today or hearing some tragic news that will forever change their life. I say a little prayer for them when I have those thoughts. I know others' positive thoughts and prayers lifted us up during that awful time. I hope that mine will for someone else!

This layout is a tribute to my daughter who is a great blessing in our life. She has stepped up to become the oldest child in ways I can't even describe. Even though Joey will always be the oldest, Katelyn has taken care of our little family in such an amazing way. I KNOW how blessed I am to have her as my daughter; and despite any differences we might have, she is an amazing young woman who will be an amazing woman. I am so proud of her.

You can find additional photos of this layout here at 2Peas.

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  1. What a gorgeous page, Jen! I loved reading your comments true!


  2. Very nice post and a beautiful page! Your daughter is lucky to have a mom like you, Jen!

  3. She is beautiful, Jen! And your layout is gorgeous! Love the cute fabric flowers.


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