Memories are Sweet

Yesterday my sister and I ran away together to do some shopping. Of course it isn't really shopping if you don't have any money, so we'll call it window shopping. After a long week we both wanted some time out. It was much too short and cut even more short by ridiculous amounts of construction and traffic (who decides that the entire state road system needs an overhaul that takes THREE years). Frustrating to say the least, but something about spending time with family doing simple things always makes me happy.

This morning I awoke to a photo via e-mail she had discovered of Joseph and her oldest boy, Aaron. It's hard to believe that my boy was ever that little. This is the "I've got muscles" face. I love that she captured an ordinary moment for me:

Just yesterday my husband and I were discussing how quickly the time passes and how few the hours are that we still have with our children. It kills me to know that we have a limited amount of time where they will want to be with us. I recognize that it's our role as parents to raise them to be independent, but no one warned me how sad I would feel about that.

Here is another everyday moment captured forever on film. This is one of my son drawing in his brand new room that he's so proud of that he's taken to giving tours of the place:

Continue reading for additional photos and information about this layout!

I created this layout for the 2Peas FREE Event called "A to Z" stamping. This layout represents "S for Spellbinders." I love my Spellbinders die cut shapes. I've begun collecting a few basic shapes here and there for when I want a larger die cut shape such as the pinked circle on this layout:

Be sure to check out the event post here with additional photos and other highlighted projects using "Spellbinders" die cuts! Try keeping your camera with you and nearby on ordinary days. The simple details that you capture will be some of your most cherished memories.

Supplies: (Click the photos for links.)


  1. I think I had the same thing in mind!! We, my kids and I, did a little window shopping this weekend. There is something about getting out that does something to lift your spirits. Completely understand the construction frustration... same thing here too... I hear you on the whole thing with having our kids for such a short time. So little time, so much to teach them! That must have been fun finding that photo of Joseph in your inbox. I hope whomever it was messing with his plot you mentioned awhile back is leaving it alone now. Hugs!!!

  2. i know what you mean about finite time with our kiddos WANTing to be with us ... my husband and i talk about that often especially now that we have a teenager. :)

    your layout is fantastic!


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