Happy Birthday, Katelyn!

I can hardly believe that my middle child, my first and only daughter, my chubby, sweet baby has grown into a gorgeous 15 year old! Where has the time gone? I thought it would be fun to dedicate this post to her and what I love about her.

Kate was born in the middle of the night so technically she doesn't turn 15 until almost midnight tonight. I wasn't even sure she was coming as I don't feel labor for quite some time. My sweet brother came and stayed with Joey so we could go to the hospital to see if it was time for her to come. My contractions were about 5-10 minutes apart but I felt a strange urgency. As we walked from the parking lot to Labor & Delivery, they came on much stronger and were about a minute apart. By the time they checked me in, we were well on the way to delivering and after about 4 hours she made her appearance (like I said, I don't feel labor for most of the the process--THANKFULLY).

Katelyn was the sweetest little baby. We could take her anywhere and she would just sit in her carseat quiet and watchful. We couldn't get over how lucky we were.

Little did we know that our sweet little baby was carefully plotting. At 18 months, Kate began expressing her opinion quite vocally. She found her voice! Suddenly were dealing with a strong-willed, loud, and wilful toddler. We were astounded at the change.

Although her screaming did not last forever, her determination and will to do her own thing on her own time did remain. This was evidenced in the day she broke her arm climbing in my pantry to find some Reese's Pieces that were hidden away. I was awakend to a terrible scream and knew instantly that something was wrong (as I had also broken my arm as a child).

Katelyn adored her big brother and wanted to be where he was as often as possible. Although he didn't always enjoy a tag-along, he was highly protective of her even with his closest friends.

Katelyn has a strong desire to please and works hard to maintain good grades and be a good student.

She is highly reponsible, has a crazy-fun sense of humor, loves her friends, and is my right arm. She is far more beautiful than her dad is comfortable with (think boys and dating next year). She is overflowing with talent. She is our sweet girl, and we love her so much!

Happy 15th Birthday, Katelyn!


  1. Beautiful post Jen.
    Happy Birthday Katelyn xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Katelyn!! She's absolutely beautiful! LOVE her freckles!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Katelyn! Yea, she is very beautiful!


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