Working 9 'til 5

Ok, it's more like 3 a.m. to midnight these days, but I've something big in the works and I'm looking forward to sharing the news. Keeping on top of being Mom, church things, day-to-day living and work stuff makes for some VERY long days. It's funny. If I dream, I feel like I've had a good night's rest.

I have one share with you this morning. I neglected to share this project with you on the day it was featured on the Northridge Publishing "Create" blog. It's a layout that contains zero photos. We all have those events in which we either neglect or purposely choose not to take photos. But we still want to include them in our scrapbooks. This "Work It Out Wednesday" post discusses how you can creatively tell the story without any photos. Be sure to check out all the photos, instructions and the complete supply list here. And here is the layout about our "staycation" recently:

I'll have another Create blog post share tomorrow so stay tuned!

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  1. Love it! I also feel like I only sleep well if I dream!


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