Today is a Day of Lasts

Today I will do many things for the last time. Today I will write an article for the last time. Today I will create for the magazines one last time. Today I will meet a deadline one last time. Today I will finish up any outstanding projects having to do with the magazines.

Today is my last day contributing to Northridge Publishing.

Last month I stepped down in my positions filming, designing, and writing for the magazines. And today I'm finishing up loose ends.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my amazing journey with the people at Northridge. I feel blessed to have been a part of such an amazing team for so many years. I just wanted to take some time to thank them for the opportunity to do the things I love!

I loved writing, editing, filming, and designing for Scrapbook Trends Magazine. Thanks to Linda who kept me in line, kept me on task, and gave me new ideas. Thanks to Kristy who  made my projects shine through phenomenal photography. Thanks to Kate who tracked down every word, and is the queen of organization. It was a pleasure to serve as a Contributing Editor for the amazing "Scrapbook Trends Magazine."

I also loved being invited to serve as a Contributing Editor for the Create: Idea Book Series. Thanks again to Linda and Kate for all the love and support. Thanks to Ben who took my vision and made it shine. Thanks to Melanie who also made my projects look their best through great photography. And thanks to all the readers who contributed to the articles I enjoyed writing every month.

I have to send a shout out to Kaycee Leishman for this publication. This amazing girl spent hours with me as we prepped and photographed tutorials for this book. It was my pleasure to serve as Creative Editor on the Cricut Magazine. Thanks to Alisha for making everything so fabulous!

I definitely have to thank Amy Jussel for her photographic eye and soul (and the long drives down to meet me at the office). I loved serving with her on the Cricut Idea Books. Good times, good times!

Additional thanks to Kristine McKay and Rick for helping me understand and learn the process of filming. I'll never be a movie star, but they made me look pretty darn good on camera. Thanks, guys!

And finally, I have to thank Tammy for showing me the ropes, gently guiding me, and being my friend. I'm going to miss our daily IM's. Thanks to Chad and Brian who gave me the chance and allowed me to be a part of so many great projects! And last, but not, least thanks to Pam Baird who is more like a Mom than a boss. She loves you through your projects, brings out the best in you, and made work a sweet experience. You can't always say that you love your boss, but I have the great priviledge of doing so. I adore Pam and I can't say enough amazing things about the woman who gave me my big break. I love you, my dear!

Northridge Publishing is filled with amazing people who contribute to amazing projects. I can hardly believe this journey is at an end.

As far as my work with Northridge, you will still be able to see my articles for Scrapbook Trends Magazine through December's issue. I will also have work sprinkled about in the Create: Idea Book Series and within the pages of Cricut Magazine for a few more months as we often work six months out. Look for a new, extremely fabulous editor in next year's issues. I already know she's going to rock it!

And as far as where I'm headed, I'll have more news soon. I'm blessed to be moving on to exciting new things, but I wanted today to be all about my gratitude for my Northridge experience.

I love you, guys!! Thanks so much!


  1. wishing you so much success.. can't wait to hear what's ahead.. thks for commenting on my work today! hugs xo

  2. I have enjoyed your work with Northridge Publishing. I think all their magazines are very classy, and you deserve more than a little credit for that. Looking forward to reading about what's in your future!

  3. Wishing you the best. I still hope to see your work in other places. Hope you'll do some videos still.

  4. I'm going to miss you Jen! You're so prompt and creative and talented! I'm excited for your new adventure though! Keep up all the good work!

  5. Good luck in your future endeavors! Have a great day.

  6. You are such a gem, Jen!! Northridge Publishing was so lucky to have you as part of their team.

    I'm so excited for you and your new adventure. You are one amazing and talented designer. You are always inspiring me!!


  7. Oh Jen, you're too nice. I'm going to miss you so much! You are the best!

  8. I have sooooooo loved seeing your work in Northridge magazines! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  9. I will truly miss seeing your work in those magazines!!! They were among my favorites! A special THANK YOU for encouraging to submit to Scrapbook Trends magazine, that's when my very first and only one page was published! I do wish you all the best!!! We are not going anywhere.

  10. You have been quite the inspiration, and I know that Northridge and it's readers are going to greatly miss your dedication and contributions... I know I will! I look forward to seeing what else you will be turning to gold!

  11. Good luck Jen--you deserve it--you TRULY inspire me! :)

  12. You have done such amazing work with Northridge and I'm so beyond excited for what's to come for you!!

  13. Jennifer, I am certainly wishing you the very best! I can't wait to hear the exciting news!!

    Thanks, too, for always inspiring us!!

  14. LOVE LOVE all you do! Can't wait for what's next!! I wish you much success!!!

  15. You know I love you, Jen! We miss you already. :)


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