In the Heat of the Day

Where have I been? I'll tell you where I've been. I've sweltering because of this:

Yes. 88 degrees inside the house on the lower level of the house. So you can imagine how hot it is upstairs in my office with the computer equipment running. So hot in fact that my poor husband's computer overheated and froze so he resorted to working downstairs. Thankfully the A/C is now fixed and after three days of BLISTERING heat, I am so grateful to feel air movement and cooler temps (it's already 78 degrees in the house as of right now). I'm sorry, but electric fans and open windows just don't cut it.

One other note. I was so pleased to see a fabulous list of designers on the American Crafts Design Team which was recently posted. I decided not to try out again this year due to time contraints, but it was a really difficult decision because I LOVE American Crafts and working with them was an absolute dream. It's so hard to give up fun and rewarding things! I wish the new team all the best.

I wanted to share one project from one of my first ever assignments with them. I wanted to do a layout about all the foods my daughter would NOT be eating with her new braces so a few days before they went on we had a "food" party in which she partook of everything she loved but would be denied with them on.

Confession? We haven't been so great at denying her some of these foods. In fact her ortho didn't even tell her to avoid these foods. Hee, hee. Thank goodness because I think the child would die without popcorn. She LOVES the stuff.

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  1. Love the Lo! I like how you used 4 photos on one 8.5x11 page! Great job as always!


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