A Little Creak In My Bones

Aaah. Aging. It's awesome. No one warns you how quickly it can creep up on you. No one warns you of all the little nuances and treasures of getting old. In this layout here I've attempted to document some of my more favorite things about getting older. Really it's fabulous to be old:

Here is a details shot of the journaling strips:

You can find the supplies for creating this layout and additional photos here at www.twopeasinabucket.com.

What are some of your favorite things about getting older?


  1. It was fun to read your journaling. Now i'm excited to getting older and enjoy life as it has formed me as a person.
    Thank you!!!
    //Ulwa, Sweden.

  2. that's a fun layout! :)

  3. ana roat7:48 AM

    You're only 38 and honey that's NOT old! Call me when you turn 50!!! ha,ha,ha....love the layout!

  4. This is also just wonderful!!! I often "forget" ahem {leave myself out) of our scrapbooks. I always say I'm making the scrapbooks for my babies. To look back on and share with their families later in life, but I should remind myself more often that layouts like this are some the types that they may treasure the most. They will have seen their pictures so many times by the time the have babies of their own, but layouts like this tell them who their mommy way. What she was thinking, her sense of humor, and her spirit. This is a wonderful layout!!! I'm sure one day you babies will find it to be a true treasure!!!

  5. We are not old.
    We are "wise."

  6. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this one!! it's super cute to look at and even more fun to read! I LOVE NAPS!!! we hate them when we are young and can take them and love them now that we have to fight to get them. *sigh* oh, well! maybe i can get one today! ;)


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