It's Going to be a Rough Day

Tell me I'm not the only person in the world who has the "Can't Say No" disease? Really. Please tell me. As of today I've worked several 10+ hour days, and that's not counting all the regular Mom and Church things I have going on right now. I'm exhausted. I am near to tears on a regular basis. I really hate feeling overwhelmed, and I hate even more knowing that I've done it to myself.

I always tell my husband that I can handle the balls I'm juggling. It's only when someone throws in their own ball that I start to freak out a little. And when balls start getting dropped, then I really feel stressed out.

It's ok. It's nothing I can't figure out. And I've had the disease long enough to recognize the signs of stress and the need for a time out. I can't take one yet, but I'm going to try and take some time off this weekend so I can do nothing for a change. If I don't, I think I'm going to crash (as in sleep the day away--or something just as glamorous).

Now that I've thoroughly whined and complained, I did want to show you one happy project created for my Guest Design Team Spot with Elle's Studio this month. Just a quick and easy card built from one of their very awesome journaling tags. Love how these tags already contain so much detail and layering. Makes designing easy:

Now I'm off to start something else before it all catches up with me. ;)


  1. Take a break Jenn, we all need that once in a while. But we'll be waiting for your return with new strengh and fresh ideas to share with us! Wish you all the best!!!

  2. Hey, Jen, I totally get it. I also take on more than I can handle, and it results in a week or two of 3 hours of sleep/night, and a diet of Mtn Dew and Cheetos. I've just finished up another crazy run, and now I'm thinking about all the things I let slide while I was under deadlines.

    Keep your chin up. :)

  3. OMG! There is an official diagnosis for this disorder. I am personally so relieved to know. It's hard to say no when we usually want to do the things we say yes to. I find that chocolate helps..but ..I stop everything else and just focus on the chocolate and enjoy..Lindt chocolate works best for me. Good luck and hang in.

  4. Wow, I am really feeling the same way right now. I wonder if it's a female thing... we want to nurture!

  5. I LOVE this card!!!
    I cry once a week out of sheer frustration and exhaustion! Then I keep on keepin on!

  6. Sadly, I too have that "can't say no" disease. Hope you enjoy your break. I love this card...super super cute.

  7. Hang in there girlie. Sleep is always good!
    ~ danni

  8. I def. have that too, but recently decided it was all too much for me! I still get emails from people and it's SO hard to say no to everyone, but at this point I just have to... for my sanity and my family's sake. I have so much around the house I want to do, painting, etc. We just got back from vacation and it feels wonderful not to have anything too pressing that I HAVE to do! :) I have been wondering how you do it all and always have beautiful pages and great ideas! You rock them out like crazy! Take a much needed break if you are able! :)


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