Having a Mind of His Own

It's funny. We raise our kids to be independent thinkers and responsible adults, but then we regret it the moment their opinion or will goes against our own. We're having a LOT of independent thinking from this one this summer. I recognize he needs to test the limits, but the whining and wheedling can border on the annoying at times. Trying to teach a child to express themselves in a productive manner can be exhausting. We'll figure it out, though.

Like this day for instance. If the sun is shining it's apparently warm enough for water activities, but if lips are turning blue and the goosebumps are as large as water droplets then perhaps we ought to wait until it warms a little. Oh well. It think kids' body temperature runs differently than mine. I was freezing just thinking about getting in the water. I don't know how he does it. Thankfully we are reaching mid 90 temperatures now, which is perfect weather for swmming (and also why I waited until now to start swimming lessons).

To learn how to create this layout and use paper bags as an embellishment on your layout, be sure to visit the Create blog post "WOW" here!


  1. Love the colors. I have those lil bags, and the thickets. I might just have to scrap lift this lo.:0)
    ~ d

  2. Opps, meant to say thickers.


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