Happy 24th of July

If you don't live around these parts, you might not understand why I would celebrate some random day in July; but yesterday was our state holiday and we spent the day thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

If you could wish for PERFECT parade weather, it would be overcast and breezy (and that's in late July). And that's exactly what we got, which was fabulous as we were on the west side of the road and it would have been terribly hot otherwise. We all gathered on Main Street to watch our little town parade. This year they didn't throw candy (BOO!!!) so I came prepared with mini soda pops and candy of our own. This helped to cheer those chillens who feel parades are completely boring. (And I will be leaving that particular individual home next year so I can better enjoy the parade.)

After the parade, we gathered at my house for lunch. Lots of relaxing and playing in the pool. I'm so glad I bought this particular pool this year. It allows so many more kids in at once, which is always a good thing with a large extended family.

And finally, I have a share today, which is one of my Elle's Studio projects from my guest spot this month. You can find additional photos and LOTS of fun journaling tabs here on their website.


  1. Which pool did you get? Would love to get one for this summer still.

  2. I got this one from Walmart: http://www.walmart.com/ip/My-Sunshine-Family-Pool/15572056 paid $25.

  3. Beautiful layout! Glad you are enjoying your pool. :)



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