Feeling Crafty

Sometimes I just hit a wall. A big, beastly enormous wall of uncreative, tired, no motivation bricks. I hit that on Friday. And although I did have things I needed to create I couldn't do it. (I'm sure my messy office did not help with feeling motivated, but it was more than that.) Sometimes I need to let my brain take a break.

But on Saturday I was in the groove. Or at least I had to be. :) Either way, I was pumping out projects for a variety of assignments. Of course, that only made my office more messy--but hey. Sometimes I clean. Sometimes I create. And if one of you wants to volunteer as my personal assistant (ahem, "maid") then we can totally talk.

One of the assignments I had the opportunity of completing were two American Crafts projects. I really love how their products mesh so well together.

This first project is a layout using their "Margarita," "Campy," and "Hello, Sunshine" lines. They look like they were meant to be together and again, that's why I love AC so much! (You can find many of the supplies for completing this layout here.)

Keep reading for an additional project using American Crafts' products!

For my second project, I wanted some Birthday cards. Somehow I've used up all of my b-day cards, and I wanted some cute ones to have on hand. But since I'm kind of crazy busy I wanted something I could whip up quickly. The result are these cards using American Crafts designer cards. I simply added my own embellishments on top of the decorative cards to create my own personal result! I really think the cards are a great buy and also great for personalizing. (You can find the supplies for creating these cards here.)

And now I'm off to work on other projects (and see if I can't procrastinate cleaning my office once again). Come and dig me out if you don't hear from me in a few days!


  1. Glad to hear you were able to plow through a creative block - though it's hard for me to believe you have those! Hugs to you my friend! :)

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    You are my favorite scrapbooker ever. Every single one of your pages is a magical work of art to me. Even when you hit a creative "wall," I am sure you can just throw a few buttons and perfectly placed papers on it to climb over. You are magical. - Laura


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