Easter Pre-Game Prep

I'd like to blame the fact that we haven't colored Easter Eggs in the past 6 or 7 years on the fact that my youngest cannot have eggs in their raw form (allergies), but that would not be the case. It's simply been because every year Easter sneaks up on me before I've prepped the eggs and bought the dye!

I used to love coloring eggs as a child, but it's Easter this weekend and once again we've yet to prep our eggs. So this week, I hoping to change all that and give my youngest his FIRST (gasp) opportunity to color eggs, even if he does have to wear gloves to do so.

One thing I did complete on time this year, was a 2Peas Easter layout that I wanted to share with you today. You can find all the supplies to complete this layout here:

Now how about some Easter prep tips to help save this looming holiday?


  1. Love this fun colorful LO! I don't really have any tips for you....as I haven't colored my eggs, or for that fact bought the egg dye myself! ; )

  2. beautiful layout Jen. I've been going egg crazy and trying something new to color my eggs - but it's not quite working and i'm obsessed! LOL!

  3. I love to color eggs! My sons still color them with me and they are 28, 25 & 14. A fun thing to do with the dye after you are finished coloring the eggs? Add a few drops of dish soap. Blow into the dye through a straw and make a lot of bubbles. Lightly touch a piece of white card stock to the bubbles and lift off. Leaves a really cool pattern on the paper to use on Easter LO's, cards etc.

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Ah girl, I've got nuthin.. I'm just happy that I actually remembered to buy white eggs! Since we have chickens I don't buy eggs anymore, but our girls lay brown eggs so last year we had Fall colored eggs, ha!


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