Bumps on the Head

This week our kids celebrated their school district's Spring Break. The kids were VERY happy to just relax and play with friends here at home. I took some time off, but did have several projects that required attention during the week so I worked half the time. But everyone seemed happy at just having a break (and thankfully, the weather cooperated).

Unfortunately our break ended with a trip to the ER for Kate. She was riding her bike and had some kind of accident. Her little brother was riding with her, but the details are still a little sketchy. We don't know if she crashed or fell off, but she scrapped herself up pretty badly. Brett and I went out to help her while a neighbor was walking her home and she was walking home as well.

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She was REALLY pale so Brett picked her up and put her on the porch. I had him bring her into the kitchen. She was feeling sick (she doesn't like blood), and thought she might throw up. I started washing up her scrapes and then had Brett lay her on the couch. He went upstairs to check in with work stuff, when Kate started acting very strange. "What day is it?" "What happened?" "Why am I not in school?" she would ask. I would answer and then 30 seconds later--the same questions. And over and over again. Her eyes were wide and strangely dilated. Brett came back down to check on her, and I knew we needed to take her into the ER for a CAT scan (I had a concussion when I was younger and remember how I felt).

So we loaded her up in the car. She was so disoriented and kept asking the same questions. She started realizing that she was being repetitive but couldn't remember the answers. And she kept explaining that she had this "dream" and then she woke up and it was real. She told us this about 10 times. By the time we got to the ER, which is about 15 minutes away she was a little more calm and little more coherent.

After a panel of blood tests, an EKG, and a CAT scan they determined she had probably fallen off her bike and bumped her head. And sure enough a little bump appeared on her left temple.

We had to wake her every two hours during the night in case there were additional complications, but she was fine. In fact, she was ravenous; but the doctor said only clear food and liquids as you can often throw up from a concussion. Thankfully, she never did.

It was frightening to see our daughter in the hospital. She felt awful that we had to take her to the ER (the dumb X-ray tech mentioned to her how expensive the CAT scan would be), but I KNEW we needed to make sure she was ok.

She WILL be wearing shoes and a helmet from now on. It doesn't matter that she is 14. I won't let her endanger herself like that again. It was much too scary!

So we ended Spring Break with a literal bang. Thankfully all is well now!


  1. So glad your Katie is okay! I am sure that was super scarey for all of you.

  2. Wow...that was scary!!!! So glad she's ok!

  3. So scary - I'm so glad Kate is ok xxx

  4. Bumps on the head can be scary, glad she is OK.

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  6. That would pretty much freak me out. I'm glad she is doing so well! :)

  7. EeeeK! We don't even own a bike helmet... Something to think about. Glad your girl's okay. ;)


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