I Live in My Car

Some days it's true. I feel like I live in my car. I drop the youngest off at school and then it's hours of errands. Of course that's my fault because I try to squeeze in as many errands in one day as possible so I don't have to go back out again any time soon. Most of the time it works, but somedays it just gives me a big ol' headache.

I have one share with you today. I used some more of the "Campy Trails" line from American Crafts to create this layout about my niece. She is such a fun scrapbooking subject and feeds my baby wants. (I just need more time with her. Hint, hint, sis!)

I love that AC is now making patterns on the back of some of their papers. I often like the more subtle tone on tone patterns because I can work them into an otherwise busy page and still get a lovely result.

I posted this layout at 2Peas and all the supplies for making this layout can be found here.

Now I'm off to find some medicine for my headache.


  1. Between running back and forth to the kids schools I feel the same way some days! LOVE this new Campy line! Awesome layout!

  2. ohhh wow, i love campy trails and this layout is awesome :)

  3. LOVE the Campy Trails line...and love your layout! Have fun in your car today! :o)

  4. I feel like I do the same thing! I get so tired of driving around! Plus the gas prices are killing me!!!

    Love this layout girl! So cute!

  5. Ah..this is so very sweet, I love the color patterns!


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