Happy 40th B-day, Babe!
Knowing full well that 40 can be a less than stellar birthday I wisked my husband away on an overnight getaway to celebrate in style. We drove up on Monday to Daniel's Summit Lodge. Once we stepped out of the car, we were greeted with the frigid cold temperatures. Check out the 12' snow drifts and piles!

After a relaxing (cough, "boring") evening at the lodge, (Man, when did we turn into two old fogies?) we woke the next morning prepared to try some snowmobiling.

Now anyone that knows me recognizes that I do NOT like trying new things. I am a creature of habit; and although, I did plan this surprise outing I was less than thrilled with the idea of snow filled, high speed adventuring (imagine shaking hands and an upset stomach). I wish I were more adventurous as my sweet husband loves trying new things. But this was my compromise . . . to give it a shot.

We arrived at the general store where we donned our gear: leggings, jeans, balaclava's (which were so totally sexy), down coats, and insulated gloves and boots. Then we got to pick out the sweet helmets:

Then my husband received meticulous instructions on driving and what to do if we tipped or fell over (instructions I was thoroughly mentally blocking).

And then with a bump and a tug, we were off (with very little screaming involved). After just a few minutes we were in tree territory.At first we stopped often, sometimes to take photos, and sometimes to adjust the helmets or our gloves. As time progressed, we became acutely aware of the -5 degree temperatures. Pin pricking skin tingles made it quickly evident that we needed to bundle up just a bit more.

At the halfway point of the trip, we had the choice to continue for an additional hour or to take the shortcut. This view nearly drove me on, but the temperatures and my chilled toes rebelled.

It wasn't long after meeting this handsome fellow, that my "sweet helmet" began icing up.

My hot breath was crystalizing on the plastic helmet. No amount of scrapping could release the ice crystals so my visibility was lowered to about 30 percent. Still, who could resist a romantic ride with this hottie?

One final stop to readjust the helmet and to recognize that frostbite might be settling in and we were off across the frozen tundra.

We arrived just a short hour later back at the lodge, where I discovered both my hair and my eyelashes had iced over. There's no shortage of adventuring around here. And so with that our 40th Birthday Bash came to an end. We are looking forward to going back when it's much warmer . . . like 20 degrees or something tropical like that.


  1. That sounds like SO much fun! Except for the frigid temperatures... One day I'll have to do that with my sweetheart. So fun for you two! Happy birthday, Brett!

  2. Wow! look at that snow!!! Don't get much here in Zagreb...I miss snow!
    Happy 40th!! God bless!

  3. That looks amazing!! I'm glad you were able to get away and spend some great time together. :)
    - April W

  4. I am so proud of you. Trying new things. Way to go. Being stretched is good. Frostbite not good though!! Looks amazingly fun. What man would not like that surprise?!

  5. Anonymous11:28 AM

    That is awesome; thanks for sharing your adventure, Jen! Happy 40th Brett!

  6. Way to step outside of your comfort zone, Jen! And what a sweet thing to plan for your hubby. :)


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