What to Do in the Wintertime?
Yeah. I'm over it. Last year I thoroughly enjoyed the snow. This year? This year I'm dreaming of moving to a temperate climate. Although it's funny that Georgia got hammered with snow this week when we only had a few sprinklings when we lived there. I guess no one escapes bad weather.

I do have one share from my 2Peas Gallery celebrating winter two years ago. The snow has been mostly ice this season so we haven't yet gone sledding or built any snowmen. I want this icy snow to melt off and get a fluffy storm (on a day when I have no where to go). You can find the supplies and additional photos here at 2Peas:

What are you doing to keep yourself busy this winter?


  1. I hate the snow, cold and ice too. Not great when you live in Michigan, but I just try to stay out of it as much as possible! I prefer to look at it from where I'm supposed to be looking at it: inside, with some hot chocolate and good music, scrapbooking.

  2. well in fl we pretty much do the same thing ... only in jeans and a sweater rather than shorts! just kiddin! ;) we've seen some really cold dips and when we do we break out the board games, movies and hot chocolate after a little backyard marshmellow roasting and smores making. we actually enjoy being outside because its not so crazy humid and hot ... the cold is a fun change! i also tend to bake more if its cold for some reason.

  3. Scrapping!!! LOL It's cold here in WI. I just recently made the Imaginisce DT. Add that to my kit club DT commitments, and I go back to work next week... tax season is here!!!


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