One Goal: Better Photography

So I spent two hours rereading some of Karen's class text, and then I carried my camera around with me all day. Things I learned?

* I HATE my 28-80 mm lens. Can't get my f-stop low enough indoors to get decent lighting without a lot of digital noise when I up the ISO.

* I LOVE my 50 mm 1.8 lens. So much easier to figure out setting the aperture and ISO. I could see the results and fell in love with some of the photos I got.

Somebody likes their new watch:

This someone isn't feeling all that hot today (I guess it was her turn to get this dumb cold):

We decided to do a little of this today:
And I had to have some physical evidence of my Yahtzee. I mean this doesn't happen very often for me. (This is not a great photo, but it does show that I ROCKED this game today!)
You know what makes me happiest about these photos? They are all straight out of the camera. I've got a LOT to learn, but I'm happy with the results of today's practice.


  1. Great shots. I looove my 50 1.8, for such an inexpensive little lens it is used more than any of my others (not that I have a huge collection,lol).

  2. Racko & Yahtzee...I'm in the mood for games!!


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