Happy New Year!!
Does being awakened to fireworks, horns honking, and people laughing count as staying up to welcome the New Year? This cold is wiping me out. This morning I have the cough. It does seem like it moves quickly as the Little Man is already tons better. I've got to recover the house at least a little bit while I have people home to help (before they head back to work and school), but I'll bet I'm going to need a nap today. Had trouble sleeping last night--had this wide awake feeling but was exhausted. Weird!

So welcome 2011!! I'm ready for a better year. How about you? Any resolutions, goals, intentions for you this year?

I'm going to call this year, my "Why Not?" year as I want to give myself permission to try some new things. Anyone that knows me knows that I follow the rules and am not super adventurous. My goal is not to get crazy but to let go a little bit and if I feel the need to do something to do it. Kind of a relaxed approach to making changes.

One thing I'm seriously considering doing is this program by Cathy Zielskie called "Move More Eat Less." This is right up my alley and great way to track my getting healthy goals.

I don't think I have the energy for this, but I love the concept of it. I love the way Laura Vegas puts the kit together.

I want to revisit the photography class I took from Karen Russell because her Christmas photos rocked and mine, well, didn't. I love that I have a huge binder of reference material to reread well after taking the class. I'm going to make the time to practice this year!
So what are some of your scrappy and non-scrappy goals this year?

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  1. happy new year's jennifer! i was just talking about cathy z's "eat less, move more" project with a friend today. i could probably use that about now too. and thanks for the link love on the project life. i'm excited to work on this project again this year. and my main reason for wanting to do it? because my photography has really suffered the last year. not that many photos taken, and the ones i did take weren't good. another part to doing this project, is that i also want to pull out my karen russell binder. i never did take the time to go through it and learn it. and everyday, i look at her blog, and dream that my photos could look like her's. the photography is definately my biggest goal this year :)


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