Faking Myself Out

Yeah. At least I'm trying to. I'm so tired of being sick. So although, my chest hurts, my nose is running like crazy, and I'm exhausted I pushed through today. Three loads of laundry completed. Check. Bedroom floor rediscovered. Check. Boys homework complete. Check. I think it might be working. I only just realized that I have a sinus headache, and I think I've had it for hours.

Does it ever freak you out when you look at your teenagers and realize they are turning into PEOPLE? I have a hard time letting this one leave the house (excuse the overexposed photo--I'm playing with aperture rather than using manual and I'm all about making mistakes--still I love the composition of this photo).

And what little man wouldn't want to read a book with chapters with titles like this:
Maybe he'll read me to sleep tonight instead.

1 comment

  1. Love the picture of your daughter Jen....and yes my som's looks and deep voice make me want to stop him from growing up! Hope you feel better soon.


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