Everything I Need to Know I Learned In . . .

I was thinking last night about some of the lessons I learned growing up that have helped shape my personality as a mother, my work ethic, my talents, and my opportunities. Here are a few of them . . .

10th Grade Business Type--This was a class in high school and probably influenced my current professional life more than I would have ever realized. In that class I gained a work release position as a receptionist at our city building which allowed me to interact with professionals and residents. I learned to type letters, do transcription, take meeting minutes, run a cash register, and behave professionally.

9th Grade English--I was assigned the TOUGHEST Honors English teacher the summer before school started. She required us to complete a HUGE packet of grammatical worksheets in order to study for a first-day-of-school test that determined if we could remain in the Honors class or not. I have remembered and used those rules in every writing position I have ever held. I'm so grateful for that evil packet!

Freshman Accounting--I actually failed this class. Yep. I did, which was funny since I received an A in this class in high school. Part of it was my inability to ask for help as I had been such a good student in high school. Part of it was a teacher who set us up to fail. He actually asked a test question worth several points from the publisher's note at the front of the book--the note no one actually ever reads. But I learned if I wanted something bad enough I had to ask for help, and I had to work harder, and it didn't matter if I had been successful before.

7th Grade PE--This was an embarrassing lesson. I wrote a note to one of my best friends telling her of my concern about another girl she was hanging out with--it might have contained the words "stuck up." Somehow that note got dropped on the locker room floor and the subject of the letter picked it up. She was not happy, and I was embarrassed and devastated. Since that time I've tried hard to not make a comment about a person that I wouldn't want them hearing. Not that I've been perfect, but it was a really good lesson to learn.

Isn't it interesting how one class can change your life so much? It fascinates me.

I have one little share today--a tutorial on the Create blog on coloring with Copic Markers. You can find the tutorial here with complete instructions and a supply list as well.

Now I'm off to do a little writing. :)

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