So We Got a Snow Day!!
Yep. Woke my daughter up and told her there was NO WAY I was driving her to school in the snow and she'd better make the bus. She left and came back 2-3 minutes later. "Mom, Summer texted me that the buses are cancelled." I checked the school website and sure enough they weren't running. Seriously?!

So I opened up the garage and realized we had about 12" of snow, and I would need to shovel before I could get out of the driveway. But we had MORE than 12" and it was piling up very quickly. I got about a 1.5' wide swath cleared and my neighbor pulled out in her four-wheel drive SUV and GOT STUCK. It dawned on me that even if I got my driveway cleared that I would get stuck in the road as it was about 18" deep. I told my daughter that we might have to call the school and tell them we couldn't get her there. She was really concerned after missing so many days with our trip.

The school line was busy. Not surprised there as I'm sure every parent was calling with likely the same issues. My other neighbor told me that school had been cancelled. I couldn't find anything on the school website, but I did track down the announcement on the local news' website. Suh-weet! I stopped shoveling and went back inside. I mean, "What's the point?" As soon as the kids realized that they wouldn't be going to school, they settled in for a nice snow day full of snowmen, snowforts, and sledding. I, on the other hand, tried to corral all the wet clothes, the "I'm freezing" drama and didn't get anything done. But what a perfect way to start the holidays as it was supposed to be their last day of school before the break.

It warmed a little in the afternoon, and our street was finally plowed at around noon so we can actually get out of our street now. And I think it rained a little in the night, helping to melt some of the snow. What a crazy, beautiful day! Now if I can reclaim the house and get the work done I was supposed to yesterday.

Talk about a white Christmas! Wow!


  1. A week and a half ago, we got 24" of snow!!! My DH drives a tanker, hauling gas for the gas stations. They pulled him off the roads. He made it all the way home after dropping his truck off at the terminal, and got stuck at the entrance to our development. With the help of some neighbors he made the trek in and got home. On top of the snow though, we had the nasty sub zero temps and windchills... yuck!! I hope you and you family have a very Merry Christmas!!! My kids are still in school!!!

  2. We too have boat loads of snow! We live on a ranch, in Eastern Oregon and use a tractor to plow the driveway (it's long)... However, it has not been plowed yet! I love my SUV and have 'tricks' for making it out the drive... I 'punch it' and hang on tight!
    Bummer that you guys still have school!

  3. Sadly we will never have a white Christmas here (on the coast of N. CA) Hope the snowday turned out to be a great day for all!


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