Thanksgiving Recap

Sometimes the holidays really do center around the right things, and I have to say that this weekend so far has been filled with happy memories.

Because we had some extra time to kill before Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Gallacher's, we went ahead and set up our front room Christmas tree. I bought this white tree on super discount after Christmas last year, and while putting it up I wasn't sure about it. But I cannot do the illumination it provides justice. It literally glows at night, and lights up our entire front room. Just gorgeous.

We then traveled to Grandma's house with two reluctant photographic subjects.

Lots of family, food, and fun were had for Thanksgiving Dinner. And yum, my mother-in-law is the queen of meals and hosting. Perfect day with the siblings.

And then yesterday after I braved a very little Black Friday shopping, my Mom and sister came over and we had some fun.

Today it's back to work and then a date with my handsome hubby. We will try NOT to see Harry Potter without the kids (or else they just might kill us). LOL!

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