Copic Certification
I feel so renewed! What is it about being with a bunch of creative people that get it that's so refreshing? Sometimes I forget how fun learning can be. And this Copic Certification was so awesome!

Provo Craft invited several designers to come and participate in their company certification. And boy, does Provo Craft know how to spoil guests. Shannon Lerner and Jana Eubank extended the invitation, and you already know how excited I was to participate. When I arrived at Provo Craft, I was greeted with a fabulous bag of goodies from Provo Craft, including a Cricut cartridge and some delicious embossing folders. Lori Allred from Imaginisce also passed out a little bag of their darling "Snag 'Em" stamps. I was already in heaven and the class hadn't even started yet.

We were honored to be taught by the amazing Marianne Walker who actually wrote the Copic Marker certification manual. She was so patient with us as we gabbed and ooohed and aaahed over the program.

This beginner's course covered the types of markers, the types of paper, and the types of ink to make Copic Markers really shine. And let me tell you that after taking this course I realize why the markers retail for about $7 each. These markers do it ALL!! We played with fabric and paper and learned to blend several different ways. Marianne also showed us how to create texture. And we even got to play with the Air Compressor system--go graffitti.

We had a fun group of girls in this class. You might recognize several friendly faces. :) What a fun way to spend the day! Thank YOU, Provo Craft!!

I really can't convey how much I loved this class. So informative and fun! And definitely, I will be adding a few more markers to my collection. But I'm realizing that I can go big or small in my collection and still be quite happy. Just so many options to using these markers.

What a great day!

If you have the opportunity to take this class, I highly recommend it. I love a class that teaches me about a new tool, and this was one of my favorites!


  1. SUCH a fun day! I'm ready to go on a Copic Shopping Spree now! It was great meeting you! :D

  2. Soooooooo Glad You Had a great and fun filled day Jennifer, You soooooo deserve it... Looooooove them copics lol lol lol xoxo

  3. I did a copic certification class yesterday too, on the other side of the world. Loved it, can't wait to do the intermediate now. Glad you enjoyed yours too, so addictive and fun.

  4. Sounds like fun! I've been wanting to add copics to my art collection for a long time now!! BTW...does this mean CreativeXpress will be selling Copics?

  5. It was such a fun and inspiring day...I finally went to Heartland and bough me some good paper and was so excited to see they had the glitter pens Marianne showed us...yeah!


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