Think About Joining Me!

I'm really excited about this upcoming event from 2Peas. I'm already Christmas shopping and thinking about holiday crafting makes me even more anxious for the holidays. This event focuses on holiday cards, and I will be sharing some cards over one of the weekends. Think about joining us for classes and challenges!

I wanted to share a few photos of the last couple of days. We have had the most gorgeous fall weather. In the past, we've often had snow by now. But it has been in the low 70's this week, and so I took the kids to take some fall photos. I want to take more, but this was our quickie trip right after school.

I typically get a few of Jimmy like this. He seems to think that part of a photography field trip is several crazy poses. Sigh! Oh well. He definitely keeps things light.

I had an interesting trip with Kate's junior high group yesterday. On the one hand, they asked insightful questions about the windmills. On the other hand, they are totally rowdy. (And I thought Elementary School kids were crazy. LOL!)

These windmills are 265 tall. It takes the average worker 20 minutes to climb to the top (and the ladder to do that is on the inside of the building).

Kate takes her yearbook staff duties seriously:

I'm off in a few hours to the boy's field trip. This time the parents can't ride the bus, which is funny because I would have prefered driving yesterday and riding the bus today. I love riding the bus with the little bodies. The big bodies I could have done without.

Don't forget today is the LAST DAY to enter the drawing for Shimelle's journaling class! Good luck!


  1. Sounds fun! I'll have to check it out!

  2. Look at your girl!!! Oh Jen, she's so pretty... just like her mama. I love that pic of her behind the camera, that's definitely a keeper. ;)


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