Halloween Party

So Kate celebrated her b-day last Saturday with a Masquerade Party. She goes all out so we decided that I would work on some items for a 2Peas project, and she could use the items afterwards for her party. Let me tell you, this girl has more creativity in her than I have in my pinky finger. So fun to raise a child who is really capable of anything. Really fun!

So here's what I created for the 2Peas SpookCraftfular event. (You can see more photos, download a pdf, and watch a video here.)

And here are a few photos from her party. The table settings (all her):

Here is her costume:

The little boys who "helped":

The funny thing? I forgot to take photos of the guests and the games. Just got too involved in other things. Sheesh. Sometimes I need a professional photographer just to follow us around and document our life.

My left wrist is hurting today. Sometimes I have a little carpal tunnel that flairs up, but I have no idea why the left and why tonight and today? I guess it's good that I'm taking Thursday and Friday and the weekend off to spend with the kids. OUCH! :(


  1. Looks like a fun party! Do you have a diagnosis of carpal tunnel? I had what I thought was that and it turned out to be a cyst which acts up when I do too much--I wear a gel-type wrist guard when it acts up! Not trying to be bossy-just sayin' ... :-)

  2. I've never had it diagnosed "officially" but the doctor did give me a wrist band to wear when necessary. I need to put it on. Thanks, Kelly!

  3. Hey Jen,

    Cute Halloween projects! Just wanted to wish the very beautiful Miss Katelyn a belated Happy Birthday. She surely is a STUNNER!


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