2Peas Gallery Items

Yesterday a few of my layouts went live in the 2Peas Gallery. I thought I would share them here. The first is about my daughter. I went with a brown, gold, and pink scheme. I created a grid on the left side of the layout so I could adhere several small items to the rectangles. They're like little mini pages, which makes me happy. :) You can see additional photos and find the supplies to create the layout here.

On the second layout, I wanted to document my teenage daughter decorating her locker for her 8th Grade year. She takes it pretty seriously and has accumulated several cool items for making her locker fun--including a candy dispenser. I love that she enjoys every aspect of school! You can find this layout and the supply list here.

Has fall touched your area of the world yet? The temperature has dropped a bit here. Makes me wonder if we'll have snow for Halloween--we often do. I want to get some deep cleaning down before the snow sets in. I don't like cleaning out the car or the garage in the snow---brrrr!


  1. love your layouts ... the grids are a really cool idea! snow ... haaa not in fl, but fall has finally showed up. the humidity has greatly decreased so much nicer to be outside. :)

  2. oh my those pages are amazing! i love them!

  3. i want a candy dispenser now..seriously. she is so cool!! :D


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