You Guys are the Best!!

After a very depressing weekend, I'm so happy to have the nicest blog readers in the world. Give me a few days to re-kit everything and photograph each kit. I will give a 24 hour heads up so everyone will know when items will be available. Then I will sell items on a first come, first served basis. But I like I said, I will give 24 hour notice so everyone that wants to will know when to come and "shop" here.

Watching the fires in Herriman, Utah. It's amazing how quickly people's lives can change. About 1400 hundred residents have been displaced. Three homes have been destroyed. We never really know when tragedy will hit. I wonder if I had only five minutes notice what I would take. I think it would be good to have a master list laminated on my fridge. We have our important papers in one location so we could pack up and take those, but what else would you take?

I want my journals, my photos, and my computer. My son would want his blanket and probably a few toys. My daughter wants to take her art portfolio and a little treasure box she's kept with things from Joey. Most of the other things don't matter. But imagine having only five minutes to choose. What a difficult decision. My heart and prayers go out to them.

I wanted to share a layout I created for July's Scrapbook Trends issue. This theme was "dreams." It's funny how you never imagine your life quite the way that it turns out. For both good and bad things. I feel blessed to have the life that I do. And I'm very grateful to have such amazing children and a sweet husband.

What do you dream about? Have you fulfilled your dreams? Do you keep a "bucket list" of items you'd like to accomplish? What is your biggest, unfulfilled dream?


  1. i always tell people i am living my dream but you have given me something to think about for sure as far as what my UNfulfilled dream is. no bucketlist for me ... that word makes me feel uneasy. for now, i'd say moving to the mountains. i've lived in the same area my whole life! :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL layout! Can't wait to see what scrappy stuff you'll put together next - thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I have quite the list! Love this layout!

  4. This is an amazing Layout Jen and a truly beautiful blog post, my heart goes out to everyone effected by these fires, it was not that long ago us Australians were hit by one of the worst fires in history and has effected us all. Sending all of my thoughts to them all.

  5. i love that layout Jen!!! LOVE!


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