Garage Salers are a Unique Breed

Garage Sales have changed a bit during my time (does that make me sold old--hee, hee). I expect people looking for a bargain. I expect people to offer a lower price. I expect people to dig through my stuff to find just what they need. I except and embrace it.

But times have changed, my friends. Now you can expect people to show up and ask you a price on something. At half what you were charging you cringe, but you recognize you are doing this to make money. You accept the offer. They walk around carrying your item, then change their mind, drop it somewhere else and leave. Another buyer browses through your stuff, insulting your taste, questioning why anyone would purchase that item, and then leave in an insulted huff. If it isn't free, they don't want it. Forget the fact that you paid three times as much for an item, they don't care. They want you to hand it over for nearly nothing and thank them for taking it off your hands.

Can you guess how my garage sale went? Yep. Total bust. The most dead I've ever seen it. Sign of the economy? I'm not sure.

Thankfully there was a sprinkling of super nice people, especially the ones that bought suckers and soda pop from my son. He made himself a nice little chunk of cash. That redeemed several people in my eyes. (I promise he reserved this face only for his older sister taking pictures. LOL!)

Soooooo . . . I will be kitting up items and photographing them to share with my blog readers. I will ship internationally, but do you have a suggestion as to postage. Meaning, is there a preferred way of postage: UPS, FedEx, Regular Mail, Flat Rate International. I will offer the best deal on shipping that I can. But wanted to hear what my international readers like to see.

I have lots of really good stuff still available so hopefully you'll see something you like.

On another, more positive note my friend had a baby shower for her first daughter after two boys this weekend. I wanted to create something that she could hang up in her daughter's nursery. So I created this alphabet art.

I used Michelle Underwood's "Go Fly a Kit" kit from 2Peas, which you can purchase here, to create a grid of the letters and then printed it out on textured cardstock. Simple and easy but I think will look cute in Molly's room.

Here is a look at the kit:
I love how it came together so quickly. Now that I've vented about my garage sale. I'm off to recover my house from the weekend and list a couch for free on the internet.


  1. Bummer about the sale, but I have to say it excites me that you'll be selling some stuff here!
    - April W

  2. Oh Jen..I feel your pain! Last year when I had a sale there was a woman who bought a decent amount of my stuff (like $30) and she asked me to call her because she was interested in buying the remaining loot. I was super excited about that until I called her. Now, my stuff was already marked WAY DOWN and this lady expected me to give her my stuff for practically pennies!! She was not nice on the phone when I called here and I was really disappointed. Hang in there, true scrappers will APPRECIATE your deals!! ;-)

  3. Awww...bummer about the sale! I know what you mean though. When I lived in AZ, my mom, who lives in Sun City, had 2 or 3 great sales ourselves through the years, but Mom had one last year that she said was horrible and said it would her last one. Many people with similar attitudes to what you described.Hardly made a dime. I do hope your online efforts go much better!

  4. oh.. too ad about the sale.. but great new!.. u will sell the stuff here!.. YAY!.. hugs to u.. ur he best! :D
    I would love it if you made some themed kits including various brands.. but of course u know it better than me :)
    will be waiting!
    and loove the alpha project! :D

  5. Sorry to hear about the sale, but I'm so glad that sales for your son were good! And, it sound like good news for us blog readers too. ;)

  6. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Sorry your sale didn't go so great BUT, hey, THEIR loss is MY gain!!! lol I am SO EXCITED that you'll be selling stuff here! PLEASE, give a warning,so I can be sure to check it out at the start! (id: take a "bathroom" break at work to check the internet on my cellphone!...hee hee hee)

  7. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I definitely know what you mean. Sometimes I'd rather throw it away then give it to some greedy soul for 5 cents - kwim? But I'm glad you will be selling items here. Good luck! Lisa L.


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