Children's Cancer Awareness Month

I have created a special post containing Joseph's story, which I will also post today.

How can you help in the fight against cancer?

You can make donations to charities that fund research or that give proceeds to hospitals that treat cancer. You can assist in making a child's wish come true. You can devote your time and talents by serving as a volunteer at a local cancer center. You send uplifting and light-hearted cards to a person in need. You can offer to babysit siblings, take in a meal, clean their home. You can offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. And you can offer a prayer or positive thoughts.

Just knowing that someone else values your pain and your struggle can make a bad day better.

My profuse thanks goes out to all those who sustained us in any way during and in the years since our son's passing. I will never be able to fully thank all those that touched our lives, but I love you all!

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