Happy Packages

I must say that I love it when the post-CHA products start rolling in. And I just recently received my LAST goodie box from Karen Foster Design. Once again, I just have to thank them for their generosity and kindness. What a fabulous company to work for!!

I thought I would share a few things that made me most happy. First is this fabulous "Scrapper's Floss" which is now stored on these great spools (are you drooling over the colors yet):

And then these darling little beaker bottles which hold brads!! Oh the cutness of it all:

And if you haven't seen the Manhattan Scrap-N-Style tote, then wowsers!! Here you go:

I'm recovering from a weekend cold but feeling MUCH better today. The kids meet their teachers today and then start school tomorrow. They are happy. I am depressed. :( First year I've EVER felt this way. But they don't know. I want them to go and enjoy!!

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  1. LOVE the floss, oh the colours!! Can't wait to see what you are going to get up to with all of those goodies:-).

    My kids start back on Monday.Cameron is starting a new school so I'm a bit nervous about that although it is in the top 6 primary schools in the whole of Dublin with a fantastic reputation, so I know I actually don't need to worry, doesn't stop me though. I find that by the time school swings around, everybody is ready for it here, both parents and children alike ;-), then by the time the October hols swing around, we are ready for a break. I dunno, there is no keeping me happy:-).

    Just remember to breathe :-)


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