Friday the 13th!!

I love the number 13. I was born on a 13. I turned 13 on a Friday the 13th, and today is another Friday the 13th. I love funny things like that--like my husband making noise and waking me up at 4:44 a.m. (I did actually try to go back to bed, but it didn't work.)

I figured out one reason why I was in a schlump . . .

I REALLY needed to clean out my office. After months and months of design crunch time, my office was a total wreck. So I purged and purged and cleaned and cleaned and (gasp) even vacuumed in there. Of course, now I can't get into my walk-in closet for all the scrapbook goodies I plan on selling for the garage sale. But hey!! I felt like designing yesterday, which made me happy.

I worked on a two page layout for 2Peas that I can't yet show you, but I do have a layout using "Little Yellow Bicycle" products to share.

Here is a close-up of the banner:

Here is a close-up photo of the title:

I was inspired recently at a Pebbles store that had a banner just like one on my page. They had folded paper circles in half to form the the paper part of the banner. Quick and easy and a delightful take on the typical banner. Most of the products here are from LYB's Snugglebug line. I did cut the title using my Silhouette Machine.

I love that my little man loves to come and "work" with me when I'm in my office. Sometimes he swaggers into my office announcing that he's here at work for the day. Makes me giggle every time. He and Kate are the best co-workers in the world. :) I love that my children actually like hanging out with me.

Finished up the school clothes shopping today (at least I hope so). I reached the saturation point today. Came home and crashed (but that could be because of the 4:44 a.m. awakening), but either way I feel a bit better.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Cute! Love the colors!

  2. you arent getting up at 4.44am to run or anything are you! That would be silly!!! And the shlump thing being over..... you have inspired me to clean out my office too!!!! The banner on the layout is awesome Jen! Love it!

  3. Hi Jen. I am also a lover of the #13 and my husband and I were married on a Friday the 13th. We have been married 13 years... so today and any Friday th 13th is celebration for us!!!!

  4. I love the 13th too! Today is my son's 6th birthday and it was a Friday on the day he was born. I really wanted to do a Friday the 13th party theme; but, he was too afraid. So, we did a party at our local baseball stadium and he loved it.

  5. adorable,girl.

  6. I love the banner! They're all the rage right now & I've been dying to experiment! Very cute!!

  7. what a fun twist on the banner... definitely putting that on my project list! :)

  8. i'm in cleaning mode too. maybe i should say "re-organizing mode" ... since i'm really not in the mood to purge stuff right now, since that would make another entire mess. lol! but it does feel good to clean things up some and give our minds some room to create again.


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