Killing Time

So tomorrow my not so little girl has to have 10 teeth removed: four baby teeth and her wisdom teeth. This the first procedure she's ever had done, so needless to say we're all quite worried (although mama is doing her darndest to hide her anxieties). Keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. She is going to be sore, and I don't like the idea of any of my children have surgery of any kind.

While we're waiting for that trauma, we've been keeping busy. I took the kids to the pool today to cool off and for a distraction from our worries. What a gorgeous mid-90's day for swimming! I just love lounging in the kiddie pools with Jimmy. I even braved the slide today. It's not the fear of the slide but rather the chill as we wait for our turn. Brrrr!!

Been surfing the net looking for some things, and thought I'd share a few things.

Are you familiar with Echo Park papers? Um, hello!! You should be! They are lovely, lovely designs. I worked with the Summertime line, which looks like this:

And then there is the Walk in the Park Collection, which is equally darling but with slightly darker colors:

And there latest line Life is Good should be hitting stores soon:

A few of my favorite scrapbook supplies are on sale at 2Peas and I wanted to share. First is this Upper Crest punch, which I use ALL THE TIME:

And then if you're looking for a die cut machine, how about one for 50% off:

If you like coloring your own flowers with mist, you'll love the "Color Me Crazy" collections:

And guess what showed up at my house today!! I am so happy. It has exceed my expectations completely. I hope it wears as well as it looks.

Tomorrow I will have a Scrapbook Trends Blog "WOW" to share with you. :) I bought a new tool just for this blog post, and I think I'm hooked!


  1. Hope the procedure goes well! I got my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago, and it wasn't too bad, just that first day was a bit painful, but I got lots of TLC from my husband:) I haven't gotten my hands on them, but I love the Echo Park lines, too!

  2. prayed for all to go well with your daughter's procedure! beautiful couch ... how exciting! :)

  3. i have those echo park papers in my shopping cart ... should buy them, before they sell out.

    your poor girlie. that's a ton of teeth to get pulled at once. i hope she's not in too much pain, and recovers quickly :)


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