Waiting for the Weekend!

Life just doesn't ease up does? We did sneak away to the local pool for a bit, and it was a perfect day to do that. But I'm still workin' away in my office and cleaning and running kids to swimming lessons and orthodontist appointments. It's a good life, though.

Jimmy's last day of swim lessons brought the opportunity to ride the waterslide and dive off the diving board. It's always so much fun to watch him on that day, as the teachers let us up close to take photos. (Poor teacher, though, because Jimmy landed on her every . . . single . . . time.) She was awesome!

And here he is wearing a life jacket to come off the slide, which is funny since he's tall enough to stand up in the water:

My flowers are starting to bloom like crazy, which makes me happy. Eventually this side yard will have a bunch more, but money runs out quickly when you're putting in a yard.

And I loved spending time with this little munchkin and her brother while her parents were out of town. They need to go out of town more often so I can squeeze and kiss on her kids.

I hope you have a lovely weekend spent doing this you enjoy with people you love!

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