Just Some Stuff!

I am taking it a bit more slowly this month. And I've scheduled several days off so that I can relax and remember what it's like to have free time. :)

But while I'm working on my new "Mini Album a Month" class for 2Peas, I'm also surfing the net looking at stuff. (I always multi-task when I'm printing photos so they have some time to dry.)

I wanted to point out some fun stuff.

First is the latest class by Nichol Magourik at 2Peas. Seriously. Check it OUT!!! (And be sure to watch the video she uploaded with her class.)

And I've been oogling some of these new Hero Arts stamps. I'm love with this one:

And this one should be arriving soon at my house:

And I need to set aside some moola for these pretties. (But I probably will buy them individually rather than as a set to get the ones I want):

And anything from this line of Oliver by Basic Grey makes me happy:

And I'm really excited to read this:

Because I just finished this, and I LOVED it:

Although I'm currently reading this, which is surprisingly good and so different from her "Little Womenish" writings:

So my summer is filled with happy thoughts, happy reading and happy shopping, which is a good thing. Now I'm off to the bank to cash a check!


  1. So glad that you are in a happy space right now, Jen. I think summer puts a smile on everbody's face, even those of us who tend to feel a little sad from time to time. Know that you are thought of often :-)

  2. What printer do you use (to print photos)? I am thinking of getting a new printer. Thanks!

  3. thank you, Jen!
    I didn't think my class was live yet until I read your blog...I should have checked it days ago so I would have known! Thanks for the kudos! Love you girl!


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