A Little Work History

Since you asked Tracie :) I thought I would share a brief work history with you.

This is a total sidenote but a fun one since I really enjoyed working there. I worked at the Covey Leadership Center for several years when I was first engaged and then married. I worked in the profiles department where we would enter in the data from the questionnaires that employees would give their boss and various people in their work/life. I managed several companies' profiles, and I found it fascinating to watch people's responses before people took the 7 Habits Course and afterwards (as they took it twice). It was a great company to work with, and I loved the people I met. Just thought you would enjoy that bit of info.

When I started having babies I continued working at home for Covey, but then I took a break. I was feeling a little lost as a new mother and often bored (despite a very colicky baby), so my sweet sister took me to a scrapbooking class at Pebbles. I was hooked! She and I spent many hours scrapbooking after that.

She soon joined with PaperKuts Magazine as one of their Creative Editors. When the time came for the magazine to pick a design team, she suggested me and I tried out and was selected. I had a lot of fun traveling with the magazine and designing. I even wrote a few articles/columns for them.

From there I was invited to try out for the Li'l Davis Designs team, which I loved. I found them to be innovative and creative and got to work with fabulous designers like Jenni Bowlin and Stephanie Barnard. I also traveled to several conventions with them and loved meeting other scrapbookers.

I wanted some online store experience and worked for a short time with ScrapTalk Magazine. Deb is real a go-getter and I love her online CHA updates.

In 2004, I entered a contest for Deja Views and was asked to join their Design Team. I now work for their Little Yellow Bicycle division. I have helped at CKU's and sometimes take their product photography for catalogs and ads.

I contacted Karen Foster Design in 2005, and when a position opened, I was invited to join. I have been with KF for the past five years.

I also taught classes at Savannah Scrapbooking in 2003 and 2004, which was both fun and challenging.

When I moved back to Utah, I had some fabulous opportunities. I was asked to meet with some editors from Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I spread out some of my designs on a table in one of their offices and several of the editors walked through and met me and asked me questions. A short time later I was asked to design projects for their QVC division. So much fun to work with my buddies there and Lisa is just as nice as she appears to be. They were very kind to me when I lost my son. I am still friends with my managers/friends there. It was a great experience!

During that time I also tried out for and was given a position on the Creativexpress.com team. They have a close-knit group, and I felt like part of a wonderful family! I filmed several episodes of Nth Degree with the amazing Kara, which both scared me and helped me to grow.

A short time later I was asked to write for Scrapbook Trends Magazine, which is my true love. (I have written scribbles of literary works since I was quite young). I currently write their "Stories to Tell" article and help write their blog. We are working on some new projects, which I am REALLY excited about so keep your eyes open!

One of my favorite gigs, has been as a Garden Girl for Two Peas in a Bucket. I was thrilled to be invited by Melanie Bauer to join the team. I have always admired the GG's for their innovation and style so I am super happy to be a part of their fabulous family!

In addition to my regular design teams, I have done freelance work for Hero Arts, The Stamps of Life, Technique Tuesday, and served as a Guest Designer for several companies. My pages have been in catalogs, online, on both The HSN and QVC, and in several magazines and idea books.

Currently I work for Scrapbook Trends Magazine, Little Yellow Bicycle, Karen Foster Design, and Two Peas in a Bucket. I also continue working on many freelance projects, which I love.

I started working in this industry years ago, and I have loved all the experiences I have had. I have met beautiful people who ended up being a strong support system during the illness and passing of my son. I have been challenged creatively. I have grown personally. I feel very blessed to have had the many opportunities I have had, and I wonder what is next. Change is good and makes me grow so I'm up for the next challenge!

(Ok, that was not brief, but perhaps if you haven't already fallen asleep it was somewhat informative. LOL!)


  1. Jersey Girl Anne11:00 AM

    I enjoyed reading about your scrapbooking career. I started buying Scrapbook Trends mag because of you!! And also purchased LYB because I saw your work with them!! Keep up the great work

  2. i love reading about how you started out and how you got to where you are today. i already know a lot of it, since i've followed you since the beginning. lol! but fun to see it all pieced together in order. and we have paperkuts and lil davis in common. paperkuts power team was my first magazine gig (even though it came to an abrupt end), and lil davis was my first manufacturer design team.

  3. I think this is so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  4. heehee - I was thinking to myself earlier, "I wondered if Jen Gallacher answered my question about who she works for?" Glad you did! You certainly have a lot on your plate! Good for me because that's more chances I have to see your lovely work. :)

  5. wow girlie, you've been around (in a good way)lol
    you have quite a resume.thanks for `sharing.

  6. Jen, Thanks for sharing this. What an amazing journey you have had and continue to have. Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog. Although we have not met and I found your blog after you lost your beautiful Joey, I appreciate your sharing your love for him with us. Think of you often and lift your family up in prayer.

  7. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Like Laura (hi Laura!), I have followed you from the beginning (or just about) and have always liked your work Jen. I enjoyed this post, and always enjoy reading all of your blog, seeing your photos, and of course, your work.


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