Our Trip and a Digital Trick

I thought it would be fun to post some photos of our trip. Here is Deer Valley Resort (we actually stayed near the Park City Ski Resort but went out exploring near Deer Valley):

A slight disagreement about which direction we should go:

Here is the Park City Ski Resort:

The boy and the sister waiting patiently for the Alpine Slide to open:

And waiting for the lift to take them up to the Slide:

And here is the point at which the lift got stuck and they sat there for 45 minutes (they are about half way up the mountain):

And coming down on the slide:

It was a great getaway, but I'm still worn out and wound up. I need to relax a bit and figure out a way to destress already.

Today on the Scrapbook Trends Blog, I show you the amazing "Eraser Tool." Seriously an amazing tool. Here's my project. You can find the supply list here:

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  1. what fun slides! i remember something like that when i was a kid. heck, it might have even been in utah ... since we camped our way across the states as kids. lol!

    i'm intriqued by this eraser tool ... when it comes to digital, i can use all the help i can get. off to check it out!


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