Happy Birthday, Laura!!

Thank you Lynn Ghahary for organizing this fun birthday blog hop for a VERY cool girl. I had the chance to meet Laura Vegas for lunch one time (with a bunch of other super fun gals) when she was in Utah visiting some of the companies for which she works. She is very quiet (sorry I talked your ear off, my dear, very nice, and totally beautiful. Since then we've been online friends; and I've so enjoyed getting to know her better. She constantly inspires me with her beautiful work, the lovely way in which she lives her lif,e and the kindness she shows everyone she meets.

Here's wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend!

Lynn arranged for 40 friends to create cards for Miss Laura so be sure to follow the blog hop to the next card. Some of you have arrived from Erin Terrell Clarkson's fabulous blog. (If not, you can start at Lynn's blog or just keep going from here.)

Here is my card:

[insert card]

And now you can follow the hop to Mary MacAskill's blog (another SUPER awesome designer and friend) here.


  1. HB Laura! What an awesome card and beautiful friendship. I'm following you now...so don't stop! ;)

  2. Happy 40th for Laura. Great card for her..

  3. This is such a lovely card!!!

  4. Jen! You ROCK. Seriously, what an amazing card. LOVE it!

  5. this is such a gorgeous card jennifer! i just love your style! thank you so much for taking part in this blog hop for me ... i'm so grateful and appreciative of all of you that participated! i have always admired you as a designer, and as a wonderful and strong woman and mom. i'm proud to call you my friend :)

  6. Love your card! One of my many faves on the hop for sure.


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