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Today I issued a new challenge on the Scrapbook Trends blog. It's quite easy so I hope that you'll play along. All you need to do is to create a project with a circle on it, and post a link to it in the blog comments by Sunday, July 4 by midnight CST. Easy enough, right? :)

Here's my version (love this template by Vinnie Pearce):

Today I send my girl off to girl's camp. Is it normal to be already missing her? I really prefer it when all my kids are under my roof.

On another note, I've been shopping for a new couch. Mine is about 10 years old and has definitely seen better days. I had always planned on recovering it, but the frame seems to be suffering a bit. (Three kids will do that, you know.)

So I'm leaning towards a small sectional (this will go in our family room). I have always preferred light, upholstered fabric but that is hardly practical for a family room couch as my current couch can attest. So we've been looking and looking but so many couches today are microfiber, which isn't my favorite texture. Saturday we found a black leather couch for a steal (and it's going to have to be because I don't have much money to spend). But I've never wanted leather in my family room before. Do any of you have leather furniture? What do you think? Love it? Hate it?

Here is the one we're leaning towards:

If we go with black, that's going to change a lot of my decor as everything I have has been tan with red accents. Even my wood has had a redish tint. So I'm thinking of the following items to switch up the room.

This rug:

These curtains:

This accent chair:

And these pillows:

Too much black? I'm debating. That's why I love that green, hydrangea pillow from Etsy. I showed my husband, and his response was "I need some time to think about it. I didn't realize we were going to be changing the entire room." And I'm thinking, "Did you really think I could just go out and get a black couch and not be bothered by the way nothing else matches?" Sigh. Men!! So opinions people! What do you think?


  1. maybe keep the red and tan color scheme by finding some throw pillows for your new leather couch with your current colors. and maybe for your other furniture find a throw or pillow with a little black detail to balance it out. and maybe add some black frames here and there. that way you won't feel like it got too dark. :)

  2. Jen, I'm on my second leather couch and love them. :) I don't think you will regret getting one.
    (By the way, loved the photo of yours.) I also loved all the things you are thinking about adding to the room (especially the rug.) My first leather couch was a dark distressed gold color. My new one (just bought 8 weeks ago) is a dark brown and is a motion couch....has two recliners in it. My family is loving that. Good luck with your decisions....know you will be very happy with all your new things. :)

  3. We got our first leather couch/chair combo in a redish brown color about 2-3 years ago and I love the look and the comfort of it. I have to say though, about a week into the new leather furniture life, my son scratched the chair with his ipod by accident when scooting off. a 1.5 foot long scratch down the middle of the seat. It has faded somewhat, but i was not happy about it when it happened. I keep a no toys on the couch rule in our house. You might check into a warranty or something for any possible damage to the leather. We bought ours from sam's club, so there was not one available for us.

  4. I like all the pieces, but for me it would be much too dark. Maybe some color in the rug, or a chair. And DEFINITELY the hydrangea pillow. I adore it!

    Yep... complete stranger to you weighing in. :)

  5. I think you will be happy with a leather couch and the black accents. I would probably go for a lighter rug because a black rug shows dirt really bad and because you don't want everything to be dark. What about a grey rug or some other fabulous color? In a room where the rug is a big part of the decor, I usually pick it first because it's easier to find a pillow to go with a rug than a rug to go with a pillow. heehee I love the curtains, the chair and the couch together. Gorgeous!

  6. I like what you have picked but for me, I wouldn't put it all in one room. It's very dark and with the long LONG winter in Utah, I would be afraid that it would make the room look too dark :-) ha ha, like I am somekind of interior expert! LOL. You should ask Scatty! She might have some good advice :-).

    We have a leather couch and chairs in our family living room. It's black and I would prefer to have a battered brown leather one but while the kids are small, it's the one we have. We have a cream, YES CREAM, one in our playroom. It's fabric. Heaven knows why I went with a fabric one. My heart is broken trying to keep it clean and everytime I wash the covers and cushion covers they shrink a teeny tiny bit. We have a gold coloured one in our grown up's living room and I love it although I have never gone in and sat on it, it looks lovely ;-). It's in a room that we never use and I love the feel of it, we have just never used it.

    Of all of them, I would say our leather one is by far the hardiest one and it surely doesn't owe us much after what my kids put it through on a daily basis. Great buy and well worth it. Along with the washing machine, it's the workhorse in the family!

    Good luck

  7. Jen,
    We don't have leather in our house, but the best thing we did a few years ago when we bought our most recent couch we got one where the cushions are attached to the back of the couch. I thought they would rip, but they have held up so well (mom to four boys!) And we spend a lot less time fixing the cushions.

  8. I too have a leather couch and it is dark brown. I use a punch of color for my throw pillows. If I had some extra cash I would change them out for the seasons. Oh and keep the the hydrangea pillow :- )

  9. we just bought our first leather couch this year. my hubby wanted it and i didn't but it has been nice with kids. it wipes off well. but the two big cushions on the bottom are constantly coming forward and have to be pushed back all the time.
    love those curtains and the pillows are delish!

  10. LOVE the couch! We have leather furniture in our living room and they've been great. I would opt for pillows and a rug with color. And maybe try to tie in the color with what you've already got going on? Hard to visualize. Fun stuff! Redecorating is so much fun! Enjoy!

  11. Kim Borochaner7:32 PM

    LOVE that pillow with the green flower!! I always found leather to be too cold to be comfortable. What about brown suede?? One of my frineds got an awesome sectional that looks just like that black leather one at Raymour and Flannigan's.

  12. loooooooooooove those curtains. i have them in my house. and surprisingly, they don't make the room feel dark at all. they are heavy with a white lining on the back that helps reflect light through them when the sun shines. i think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    as long as your walls are painted a light color i think you'll love all those different textures of black. especially if you use bright pops of accent color like the pillow you show.

    GO FOR IT!

  13. Beautifully put together! I am looking for a black leather couch... do you mind sharing where you found that one? I have looked all over my local area with no luck!


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