17 Years

Today is my 17th Wedding Anniversary. Whoa! I know. :)

Seventeen years ago right now I was getting ready to go to the Temple to be married to my sweetheart for Time and All Eternity. I was a nervous wreck. I mean REALLY nervous. But it was a beautiful May morning (actually it was quite hot and even a little muggy and Utah is rarely muggy). We gathered with friends and family to celebrate and enjoy the day. And we held our reception later that night.

I wasn't sure then, but I was sincerely hoping that I was marrying the right guy. I kept waiting for the heavens to open and hear a voice proclaiming he was the right one. But looking back I knew then without realizing I knew that he was the RIGHT man for me.

He is patient where I am not. He is calm when I am scared. He is hard working when I drag my feet. He is funny when I tend to be serious. He is madly in love with me and his children. He's the most hardworking man I know. He is honest and loyal. He puts his family first. He is kind and generous. He is full of fun.

He was an absolute catch and I'm grateful every day for him.

Now as for what he got in me, I've got no clue so lucky me! LOL!

We are celebrating by doing NOTHING. :)

The trip to San Francisco and the Wicked tickets were what I most wanted so I feel content and happy. (And when you've been married 17 years it doesn't matter what the gifts are or what the activity is--you're just happy to be together.)

And because it's a beautiful spring morning (although they are forecasting rain for later), I'm sharing my latest layout at 2Peas with the theme of "spring." I just took a bunch of photos of my neighbors' flowers and trees (mind you, we hadn't even finished our yard yet in early spring). I hope next year some of the photos I take will be of my own spring garden. :) You can find the supplies for this layout here at 2Peas:

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sandra8:34 AM

    Happy anniversary! I'm sure he would say that you are the absolute right woman for him. May you have many, many more years together in this world.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you wrote all those nice things in a card to him, because those are such sweet thoughts! :) Another ROCKIN' layout!!! I LOVE what you do with paper! ;)

  3. Happy Happy Day and Years Ago and Years Ahead :- )

  4. Congrats for another year! Wish I was there to take the kids and let you go to dinner or something. Can't believe that the "dude" who pulled up in his cool car, with his smelly cologne, perfect polo, pressed jeans and slick hair actually managed to steal your heart! Who knew that cocky freshman was actually a Knight in Shinning Armor! You are lucky to have found and kept each other! Hugs to both of you.

  5. oh, how wonderful Jen! Congrats! Oh, and I think he got a pretty awesome girl too! You really are amazing! Gorgeous layout by the way, and have a wonderful day--hope you do a couple small things to celebrate! ;)

  6. Oh Congrats Jen, Nothing but Happy Wishes for you both...Great layout as usual...

  7. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding story you have - thanks for sharing!


  8. Happy Anniversary! Just had to comment that your words about your hubby are the sweetest! :)
    And he's madly in love with you for a reason, so you're a catch too!

  9. Happy Anniversary Jen.
    My husband and I celebrated our 10th on the same day as yours.
    Gorgeous layout too xxx

  10. Happy anniversary! And the love the layout--so beautiful!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I just celebrated 30 in February! You and your hubby are lucky to have each other!

  12. Hey wow so it was your anniversary.Congrats.

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