Stress, Stressed, Stressed-er!!

I purposely kept busy this month because I'm getting on a plane on Thursday, and I HATE flying. :( Before last year's trip to Savannah, GA I hadn't been on a plane in well over eight years. But with the help of meds I was able to pull it off. And it wasn't too bad. I'm far less stressed than last year's trip because now I have a successful flight under my belt, but I can't tell you how much it still weighs on me. (I've had a few VERY yucky flights due to being VERY sick, so I do have that to worry about.)

In addition to that little concern, I've got laundry, housecleaning, packing for the kids and I, babysitting arrangements for the kids to make, church stuff, and just basic raising kid schedules to deal with. I'm wound a little tightly today. :( Poor hubby and kids. Jimmy told me this morning, when I raised my voice at him for not getting out of bed, "I'm sorry you're having a bad day, Mom!" Oh I felt terrible! That's not the mood I want to have when I'm getting ready to leave. Not at all!! I'm working through it. Sigh!

One last project for Little Yellow Bicycle today. A layout using their new Snugglebug Boy line. Such a cute line, and it works for baby boys and grown-up boys too! Product should be shipping to stores soon so keep an eye out! You can see the entire collection here!

Hope you are having a productive, stress-free Monday! Now I'm off to change my mood and get some things done so I have less to stress about. :)


  1. Oh Jen! I hate flying too! Hope your day's mood irons out, and that you will have a pleasant trip!!! I sure miss scrapping with you in Savannah. Those were day I truly looked forward to! Not to mention your Homemaking meetings!

  2. ooh! SERIOUSLY, you sounds like me! My mom ALWAYS tells me to BREATHE--I guess I forget...and I really do! I hope you have a nice trip and that all will be well! Your layout is so cute!

  3. i hear you jen. not that i have to fly anywhere. but about the stress. i was totally stressed yesterday, trying to do a million things. and snapping left and right at the family. my husband asked me, very seriously, "are you ok" ... in a way that he thought i was really tweaking. lol! he said that i was "really testy". had to appologize for that this morning.

  4. oh, I TOTALLY know how you feel. Once I threw up 6 times on a plane and I've never been the same. The lady behind me had to "announce" it to everyone each time I threw up. She'd say, "she's throwing up again!" grrrrr...Just thinking about getting on one makes me totally stressed. I hope that you get through it and it all works out! :)

  5. You can do it!!!! You'll be fine!! I'll keep you in my thoughts! Sending you positive thoughts!
    And this layout ROCKS! It's perfect!!!


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