Scrapbook Trends: Digital Template Challenge!!

Just wanted to invite you to play along with me on the Scrapbook Trends blog. This week I'm challenging our readers to use a digital template to complete a layout. You may use any digital template that you OWN to complete either a hybrid, digital, or traditional layout. You can visit the post here for more details.

Here is my layout using a template from to complete my project:

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  1. love the fun colors here! Jen, after the marathon, he was okay, a bit emotional, but generally okay. We took the train and a cab back to our hotel. Stopped for an Indian supper, and went back to the room. He said he's too tored to drive even the next day, though.. I anticipated that anyway :) So i drove us all back to Singapore again. How's your DH doing with his training? Mine will be doing his 2nd full marathon this coming June, in Phuket. We'll all be going together. I think it's a good experience for the kids, waiting on the sideline for daddy to finish. U take care, yes? :) *hugs*


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