Planting the Garden

After 17 years, we are FINALLY planting the vegetable garden. Funny how I've forgotten so many things about it from when I was a child. (I think I'm mentally blocking it out because I HATED weeding the garden.) My kids were so excited they actually shook with excitement and argued over who got to do what. Now if only every chore was like that! LOL!

Because we aren't past our frost season yet, we only planted our potatoes, our peas, and our onions. Some time in May we'll add our vines: pumpkins, squash, tomatoes and peppers. I'm still debating about carrots. I'm kind of a carrot fiend and so is Katelyn so perhaps we should. And then definitely sweet corn. YUMMY!!

First we raked the garden that Brett tilled on Saturday:

And then we planted Peas:

Here are the prepared seed potatoes:

And here are the onions (red and yellow) in their bag:

Here are the kids planting the onions:

And here are the little onions waiting to be covered and watered.

And despite some minor disagreements from the hubby and I, we DID IT!! I'm so happy. It's helping me with my "lift the stress" goals to have this done until after May begins!


  1. Oh..I LOVE working in my garden!!! My kids couldn't care less! lol! My daughter HATES bugs!!! ;)

  2. Does your mom know you are planting onions? She would be so embarrassed. Hee, hee. I wish you luck and many happy tummies!

  3. It must be something in the air, Jen! We have just started to work on our back garden. I went out to buy a shovel the other day and came back with 3 trowels as well, knowing full well that when my kids see what I am doing they will want to join in! I tell 'ya, it was the BEST $10 I have ever spent. I have had hours upon hours of peace with them digging out the back. Tomorrow we start in earnest with putting up screening and digging flower beds. The kids can't WAIT!!! LOL. It's a beautiful time of year to be outside! Enjoy!!!!

  4. Jen! It's great to see that you like to grow your own veggies too! Please, please, please would you design some cute little veggie signs, which I could laminate and put in my garden as a guide to which seeds I've planted in which row? I'd love to be able to cut these on my silhouette as and when I need them. I'm sure other Sil fanatics would love them too!


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