Kudos, to my friend, Crystal!!

It's so fun to see people in my industry having success. And this particular bit of news just makes me really happy!!

Crystal Wilkerson is a fabulous digital designer. And I've used her kits on several items. Seriously, the woman's designs are amazing! (Plus she's just a really nice person.)

But now she has some BIG news. She's adding print to her list of accomplishments. This kit will soon be available for purchase in PAPER:

In addition to paper, you will be able to purchase it digitally. Cool, huh?!! If you'd like to win a set of this wonderful kit, then make sure to visit her blog and leave a comment.

If you like this then be sure to follow her link on her blog to where you can purchase other digital kits by her. And here is a free one that you can download from 2Peas:

I just want to wish her all the success in the world. Go, Crystal!


  1. LOVE Crystal.....I have some of her kits....they are BRILLIANT!! And her news is so exciting!!!

  2. So happy to hear Crystal is bringing out a paper range. I have long ooohed and aaaahed over her designs but not being much of a digital scrapper I have only purchased a few. I love paper...


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