Happy Pre-Easter!!

Snowing again here today. :( Hopefully we'll FINALLY get to coloring eggs. We'll do an inside easter egg hunt but only with the plastic eggs filled with small items.

I did have one layout that went out on yesterday's ST Newsletter that I wanted to share. This is from several Easters ago, but I love how my son devoured his chocolate eggs. I understand that craving completely.

Oh, and to combat my own Easter cravings I purchased a little milk box of Robin Eggs to be stored until I can start to introduce junk food back in my life--just a little mind you, but it helped me feel less left out.

Here's the layout:

Have a lovely Easter Saturday and Sunday!

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  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I bought a dark chocolate bunny for me for Easter, just so I won't feel left out. And I hope to make him last :) Hope you have a wonderful Easter. We will have an inside hunt, rain is predicted all day tomorrow here in N CA.


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