Happy Easter!!

So I'm killing time this morning so I can turn on my roast in the crock pot and then go back to bed. The Easter Bunny also needed to fill the baskets so I suppose that's the real reason my internal clock woke me at 4:52 a.m. this morning. I hope I can fall back to sleep for a few hours. I never sleep in, and I'd like to today!

I did peek out the window, and guess what???? Yep. More snow. :( We ended up having the previous snow melt off by yesterday morning, but since we only have dirt we did an inside egg hunt.

Here's some photos of the hunt.

NOTE TO SELF: make sure settings are NOT on macro when taking fast, low-light, indoor action shots. All I got was a whole lot of BLUR.

Oh, wait!! I "meant" to take blurry hunt photos to capture the frenzy of it. LOL! Sigh. Oh well. They had a good time, and that's really what matters.

Here's the loot:

Do you love that she color-coordinated it all? She gets that OCD from her grandmother. Go, Grandma!! :)

And I didn't sneak a single piece of candy. I wanted to. Oh, how I wanted to. But I didn't. High five for me, baby!!

I went dress shopping last night. I've only lost six pounds, and I knew I should have waited; but the local mall had a store with all dresses at 50% off. I just wanted to see. I tried on over 25 dresses, and guess what I discovered? I HATE the way I look right now. :It's so easy to ignore the truth without a full-length mirror in the house. Those mall mirrors lay it all out there--no excuses--here's your lovely large backside and your undeniable width. So much fun! I actually bought a dress. But once I got home, I realized it wasn't what I want at all. I will be taking it back on Monday. I think I just felt like I "had" to get one at those prices; but I don't really like it. I guess it's better to wait until about a week before and then go shopping again. Perhaps this time, I will feel less self-conscious. (Or at least that will give me time to find a mirror that fibs!) ;)

Have a wonderful day! We'll be watching our church's General Conference and eating roast. Oooh, only 40 minutes left to go until I can go back to bed. :)


  1. Happy Easter! I too am trying to lose weight and it is frustratingly slow...I remember when I was 20, it seemed that I would skip a meal and lose 5 lbs. Now it takes weeks...arg!!! You're doing great -- cannot believe you can stay away from the Easter candy. I have had some, but am recording it so it doesn't get out of hand. Hope you got to sleep in...

  2. Great pics!
    Happy Easter!

  3. You are so not alone in wanting to lose weight to look good in a dress. I have a long way to go, sadly. Good for you staying away from the candy. My 'baby' had her 1st birthday yesterday, so the cupcakes and ice cream in addition to the Easter festivities...yuck.


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