She's a Star!!

Katelyn's play opened last night, "The Perfect Princess Pageant." She has put MANY hours into this play all while maintaining a 4.0. I'm quite proud of her for doing this, but I'm also a little concerned about the stress and exhaustion. I think she will need a good break after this. Thankfully our Spring Break is in a few weeks. The girl is amazing!

Katelyn was an "undercover fairy," the blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty. She did a great job and freaked us out a little when she came on stage. Someone had done her hair all curly, and we've never seen it like that. For a second there we wondered if it was a wig. Even little brother asked her that. It made her Dad a little irritated. Hee, hee.

Unfortunately after unloading all my photos, I realized I had my camera on a macro setting THE ENTIRE TIME. :( So many of them are blurry as we couldn't use flash photography anyway.

Katelyn is in the blue sunglasses, and that dress accentuates her height and skininess. Lucky girl!!

We caught up with her afterwards. Jimmy was thrilled to see sister, but it's a lot to ask a 7 year old to sit still during a 2 hour musical. :)
Both sets of grandparents came for the opening performance which we were very happy about and appreciative of, as they all worked that day and had VERY long days.
We thought a bouquet of white roses was appropriate for our beautiful girl. We're super proud of all that she does! Way to go, Kate!!


  1. She looks beautiful! Great costumes for a junior high play! How fun for Katelyn!

  2. Go Katelyn!! Plays are tons of work, but a lot of fun too. I hope that Spring Break is relaxing for her.

  3. Bravo Katelyn!!! Brilliant!

  4. Anonymous9:55 AM

    congrats Katelyn - sounds like you were a star!



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