Getting Fit!!

Don't you think this is a constant battle for everyone? It certainly is for me. But I have my brother's wedding coming up in May plus my Anniversary in the same month, and since I'm such a lover of finish lines I thought I use those two dates to motivate me to get fit.

I created a digital album to record some of my progress, and I thought I'd share some of the pages here. Her is the cover:

Here is an interior page with my goals (I am being quite daring in putting my weight out there for the world to see, but perhaps it will make me more accountable to myself):

I plan on tracking my exercise plan, my dietary issues, etc. on daily pages.

My goal? Lose 30 pounds and fit into one of these fabulous dresses (or something similar for the wedding):

This purple one is gorgeous:

And black may not be entirely appropriate for an outdoor spring wedding; but if I can find something like these in different colors, then I will be a happy girl:

And then I'd love to get some shoes like these:

I think that's a worthy goal, right?!! :) (Oh and if you have a dress store recommendation, please let me know. I can't think of the last time I actually purchased a semi-formal dress--probably high school.)


  1. Jen, congrats on your fitness endeavor!! (I can relate!) However, trying to lose 30 pounds in 3 months is not a healthy or wise choice. You have 3 months (12 weeks) and the smart and healthy goal weight would probably be more around 15 or 20. To safely lose weight you should figure 1/2 pounds per week. It's takes time, the proper diet and exercise to safely lose weight and keep it off. I don't want to sound like a downer...just want you to be healthy and lose weight safely. I joined a gym and changed my eating habits last year and have lost almost 70 pounds. I hope to lose another 20. Slow and steady is the way to go. :-) ps. LOVE that purple dress!! pps. It's not all about the weight, but inches and how your clothes fit and how you FEEL!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. I agree, 30 pounds in three months is not a healthy goal. Try to eat healthy, keep exercising and you will make a big difference in the way you look.

    I also have a wedding in May, the first in several years. I have been quite active over the past year and am at my goal weight but I do have a bit more reshaping to do and i'll be working hard right along with you.

    Love the purple dress, where did you find it? That would be perfect! Good luck and keep us updated. I know with hard work you'll be thrilled with the way you look in May, even if you've only lost 10 lbs.

  3. I suppose I should have clarified because I have the sweetest blog readers. I don't intend to lose 30 pounds before the wedding. I want to lose some weight before the wedding, but in the end I want to lose 30 pounds. You guys are so sweet!

  4. I love the dresses! May I ask where they're from? The purple one is my fave...I have my cousin's wedding in aug., so I'm pondering what to wear myself. (and the shoes are killer too! Unfortunately can't wear too high of a heel b/c of foot issues. The search for a wedding outfit begins! ;) )

  5. Jen, Go, go, go girl!! The dresses look stunning. I love that you were willing to write out your goals...I'm sure you'll make great progress!

  6. you look so tiny - how can you lose 30 pounds?!?

    and i vote the purple dress - so pretty!

  7. Jenn, way to go on your goals to getting healthy and fit. I too want to get healthy and fit but I'm just not ready to share my weight with the world yet LOL. But I think I am going to make and album to track my progress and then when I reach my goal maybe I will be more willing to share. I will be praying for you and interested to watch your progress.

  8. I love the purple one and definitely the shoes!! Super cute. I need a new dress too! Sounds like fun.


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