Fighting IT!!

This hobby of ours can get downright expensive and I try to stick with and purchase what I know. But every once in a while I get an itching to try something new and then I'm sucked into a completely new part of the hobby. This time it's mist--Glimmer Mist to be exact. I have had these gorgeous bottles from Tattered Angels for a while now, but I was feeling a bit intimidated about trying them. Turns out they are WAY EASY to use.

And now I'm thinking, "Man, a whole new addiction!!"

I created the above layout for the Scrapbook Trends blog. It seriously took me about 5 minutes to create the background paper (it was originally white). And it was so much fun and satisfying to spray paint around. (Reminds me of my Aqua Net days--yeah that will totally date me.) And I think the spray dries a heck of a lot quicker than my hairspray ever did.

You can see the step outs on the blog. But really so much fun!!!

2Peas carries loads of Mist. You can check out the colors here! I even bought this set of mini misters to do all kinds of happy spraying:

The next addiction I'm fighting? Copic Markers. At $6 a pop, I want them but just can't justify them yet. But oh the loveliness.

My dad is an Interior Designer, and I grew up with marker fumes in the house. Loved it. Makes me think of my Dad. He kept his fabulous markers in an old cigar box and to me it was one of the greatest treasure boxes in the world. He used to let us kids come and take turns "going to work" with him. At work he had his markers in a cool spin container. I watched as he rendered architectural images in pencil, then ink, and then colored them in. They are works of art and I have several of his renderings hanging in my home.

So the thought of these markers having a home at my house makes me a little bit giddy. But I'm staying strong until I have some kind of a windfall or at least figure a way to collect just the bare minimum and get away with it. But how do you choose when there is like 20 shades of the same color. It wouldn't be fair to leave any one color out of the mix. See. I have an issue.

Moving on. :) Although I can get my little hands on these fabulous stamp markers instead while I'm saving my pennies (you can color your stamps directly or color in any image):

Today Jimmy gets his spacer for that gargantuan tooth he had pulled. I'm a little worried. I always worry when we go to the dentist. I don't even really know what they're going to do. I'd love some positive thoughts today. It's probably a quick procedure, but I'm a little afraid. Ooops. Wait!! I'm being FEARLESS this year. Never mind. It will be fine. He will be fine. (but keeps those thoughts comin')


  1. I'm totally with you! I love those copics--but it's just SO much money! I spent $100 on prism colored pencils thinking I'd use them ALL the time and I don't. grr. makes me made. Guess I'm just not the coloring type!

  2. Jen I can totally relate to the hair spray and I actually used a hair dryer to dry it quicker LOL. Oh the love of Copic Markers if you want you can e-mail me and I will send you a link to a site I found them on for just under $4.00 each and that is for the sketch markers which are so very fun to use. I need to buy some more but even at $4.00 a pop they add up quickly.

  3. i have really been wanting to try the mists. i know i have a few bottles that have come in my ST goodie boxes ... but i havn't been able to figure out where i put them. i may just have to go buy a few of them.


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