Calling It a Sick Day!

Well, I think the little man will be going back to school today. He's been on the antibiotics now for 48 hours so hopefully his hacking won't spread as many germs once he wakes up. He definitely a little less listless and no fever for the past 48 hours. I hope his little headache goes away. I will be requesting that he stays in for recess as it's supposed to SNOW again today. Yeah, winter had us all fooled there for a while with 50 degree weather. It's back to boots, coats, and gloves for a bit yet.

We spent a lot of the sick fest in pjs on the couch watching TV (well, at least he did). I, on the other hand, TRIED to complete some work and do some laundry. I'm hoping to recover the house today--as it looks like a tornado hit. It's so hard to clean around sickness. I don't know why, but it is for me.

A few times when he was up for something a little more energetic, he'd retreat to his room. He wasn't always thrilled with this, but I was trying to get him to do something else. This was his response:

Note the "I'm not really all that into this, Mom," look. And I can tell because I'm the Mom that his little eyes are red around the rims and are a little glazed over. I REALLY hope he's on the mend. Now when one of the kids gets sick it freaks me out a little bit. We've been through too much not to worry every time. And Jimmy has had the worst health this year--lots of colds, viruses and illness. I need to bulk him up on vitamins and healthy foods to get his resistance built up a little better.

Today a new "Work It Out Wednesday" is available on the Scrapbook Trends Blog. I'll show you how to use a glue pad to create this card below:

You can find the step-out photos and directions here.

Note: The dresses below were found at Hope that helps those searching for a new dress. J. Crew and Ann Taylor also had some lovely options.

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