The Widow's Mite

Tonight we were holding FHE (Family Home Evening--a time we set aside to teach our children gospel principles and good values and have fun), and my husband was teaching the kids that one way to feel better during bad times is to do good things for others. That inevitably led to a discussion on the conditions in Haiti. We discussed that it might be good idea for the kids to make a donation to a good cause. We chose to make a donation through our church's "Humanitarian Fund".

Jimmy stands up and brings over his little "spending" bank.

"How much do I have to give because I don't want to give up my dollar?" He asks. (He only had about $2 in the bank to begin with.)

"I won't tell you how much to give, sweetheart. That has to be up to you. You have decide what you think those children need for food and water. It's up to you."

"I'll give them all but these two," he confidently states holding up two nickels.

I was stunned. He takes his money quite seriously. We require the kids to save up and earn money for things they want outside of birthdays and Christmas. We also require them to save and pay tithing, which takes up half of what they make. It's a difficult sacrifice to begin with, but we are trying to teach them good spending and saving habits. They each have their own bank accounts and their savings money goes into those each month. He really HATES to part with his money.

I told him the story from the Bible of "The Widow's Mite" and how her one small donation was all she had and what a sacrifice that was for her and her family. He started to tear up when he realized she'd given everything she had to the Lord.

"You are like her when you give all you have to these children, baby."

He started to bawl. I'm not sure what he was feeling. He could have been over-tired, but I think a small part of him understands that the people of Haiti are suffering--people all over the world and even in our community they are suffering. And that hurts his little heart, poor thing. I'm just so proud of him.

On that same note, if you have some time and want to involve your kids, your friends, or your community in giving back to people, please consider making a card or two for these sweet children and their families: Cards for Kids!

I've said it before but it bears saying again . . . these cards mean the world to families struggling to keep their children healthy and happy. It is so completely life altering to have your child fall sick, and any light given by others truly helps lift that burden.

If you have the time, will you give? I would love that!!

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  1. this is my first time visiting your blog.this post brought my weary heart something it needed.what a touching story about your little boy and his money.I think we will tell the widows mite story tonight.thank you so much for sharing. I am on my way to the cards for kids blessed me today :)


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